Painting in Bellingham 2016

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Bellingham prehistory: TRex wants two scoops

Bellingham prehistory: TRex wants two scoops, May 28, 2016 Price $150

Samish Way, Bellingham WA

Samish Way, May 13, 2016 Price $50

Boomers Drive-In, Bellingham WA

Boomers Drive-In, May 9, 2016 Price $50

Boomers Drive-In, Bellingham WA

Boomers Drive-In, May 6, 2016 Price $50

Welcome to Old Town, Bellingham WA

Welcome to Old Town, May 3, 2016 Price $50

Series: Skinny Delice and the Life of Style

Skinny Delice buys flowersFlowers
Skinny Delice plays tennisTennis
Skinny Delice eats ice creamIce cream
Skinny Delice plays golfGolf
Screaming Eve, Bellingham WA

Screaming Eve, April 8, 2016 Collection of Coral Greenwood

The Royal Nightclub, Bellingham WA

The Royal, April 1, 2016 Price: $50

Taco Lobo, Bellingham WA

Taco Lobo, March 18, 2016 Price: $50

Series: The Kitten Sisters

The Kitten Sisters say 'Stickem up'Stickem Up
The Kitten Sisters Tie'EmTie'em Up
The Kitten Sisters say 'Extra Crispy'Extra Crispy
Old School Tattoo, Bellingham WA

Old School Tattoo, March 5, 2016 Private collection.

Only one protester showed up at the ground breaking ceremony of Trump Tower Shoreline

"Only one protester showed up at the ground breaking ceremony of Trump Tower Shoreline"
March 1, 2019 ("Super Tuesday"). Collection of G.M. Brooks.
Donald Trump appears pleased and Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz are ready at hand as ground is broken for Trump Tower Shoreline. Only one protester showed up. Driving the earth moving machine is one of Trump's undocumented workers. Her lack of safety apparel exemplifies his disregard of labor safety regulations.

State Street Bar, Bellingham WA

State Street Bar, February 29, 2016 Private collection

Series: Commando Julie Springer

Defense Secretary Ash Carter announced today that beginning in January 2016, all military occupations and positions will be open to women, without exception. U.S. Dept. of Defense

Commando Julie Springer bulldogs an enemy commbattantBulldog
Commando Julie Springer intercepts a bad guy at Checkpoint CharlizeCharlize
Commando Julie Springer ensures that the locals will welcome her Force of LiberationLiberation
Commando Julie Springer knows that lunching on local cuisine promotes cultural sensitivityLunch
Commando Julie Springer shows leadership by not following sheepSheep
Commando Julie Springer knows how to turn 'Yankee Go Home' into 'Yankee BarBQ'BarBQ

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