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Painting State Street north to south

The 1920s were an especially prosperous time for the commercial Elk Street corridor. An important addition, bridging the original town of Sehome on the southern part of Elk Street with the second commercial corridor to the north, was the Gothic-style Bellingham Herald Building (built 1926), of steel construction faced in terra cotta and stone, at the corner of Elk and Chestnut Streets. After the Herald graced the city with this elegant six story-building, 50 merchants on Elk Street petitioned the City Council to change the street's name to the more metropolitan "State" Street, which was accomplished on April 13, 1926. The new Herald quarters added to the stock of distinguished State Street buildings dating back to the early 1900s. The Sehome Neighborhood - Then and Now

2000 block State Street, Bellingham WA2000 block
1800 block State Street, Bellingham WA1800 block
1700 block State Street, Bellingham WA1700 block
1600 block State Street, Bellingham WA1600 block
1500 block State Street, Bellingham WA1500 block
1550 block State Street, Bellingham WA1550 block
1400 block State Street, Bellingham WA1400 block

1433 block State Street, Bellingham WA1433 block
1417 block State Street, Bellingham WA1417 block
1329 block State Street, Bellingham WA1329 block
1300 block State Street, Bellingham WA1300 block
Saturna Capital , Bellingham WASaturna Capital
Saturna Capital , Bellingham WASaturna Capital
Saturna Capital, Bellingham WASaturna Capital

1228 block State Street, Bellingham WA1228 block
World Famous Up and UpUp and Up
1205 block State Street, Bellingham WA1205 block
1100 block State Street, Bellingham WA1100 block
1059 block State Street, Bellingham WA1059 block
1055 block State Street, Bellingham WA1055 block
Pepper Sisters, Bellingham WAPepper Sisters

952 State Street, Bellingham WA 952 block
929 State Street, Bellingham WA Iron Street Printing
929 State Street, Bellingham WA Iron Street Printing
919 State Street, Bellingham WA 919 block
902 State Street, Bellingham WA 902 block
824 State Street, Bellingham WA 824 block
600 State Street, Bellingham WA 600 block

412 State Street, Bellingham WA 412 block
331 State Street, Bellingham WA 331 block
250 State Street, Bellingham WA 250 block

Happy homes in Bellingham

Send me an email to arrange a painting of your happy home

Happy HomeAlabama Hill

Starbucks Coffee

Starbucks Coffee, 132 E. Holly St. Bellingham WA 98225

SchweinHaus Brewery

Das Schweinhaus Biergarten 1330 N. State Street, 98225

Cascade laundry

Cascade Laundry 205 Prospect St Bellingham WA 98225

Whatcom Museum

Whatcom Museum, 121 Prospect St, Bellingham, WA 98225, May 20, 2014

Bob's Burgers

Bob's Burgers and Brew, 202 E Holly St. #101 May 7, 2014

Rocket donuts

Rocket Donuts, 306 W Holly St, Bellingham, WA 98225 April 20, 2014.

Film is truth Film is truth

Film is Truth, 211 W. Holly Street.

Third planet

Third Planet, Commercial Street at W. Holly St., February 12, 2014.

Daylight building, Bellingham WASold
Daylight building

Daylight building. N. State street at E. Chestnut street.

Taco Del Mar, Bellingham WASold

Taco del mar. Railroad Ave at E. Magnolia St., Bellingham WA, October 30, 2013

Bellingham Food Trucks

Super Mario Taco Truck, Bellingham WASuper Mario
Tacos El Tule Taco Truck, Bellingham WATacos El Tule - Sold
Spartan Espresso, Bellingham WASpartan Espresso - Sold
Food truck Highway 542-Go, Bellingham WAHighway 542-Go

Views of the Bellingham Herald building

State and Chestnut streets, Bellingham, WA 98225

The Herald Building was built in 1926 as an eight-story office building. It houses The Bellingham Herald newspaper's main offices on the first and second floors; tenant businesses occupy the upper floors. The lit sign atop the building served sailors as a navigation aid for many years.

Herald Building, Bellingham WASold
The Herald Building, Bellingham WASold
Herald Building
Herald Building

Views of the Mount Baker Theater

104 North Commercial Street, Bellingham, WA 98225

"The visually dominant feature of this strikingly bright building is the red tiled roof of the marquee tower that displays the theatre's name." Historic resources. Buildings 21-25

Mount Baker Theater, Bellingham WAChampion St
Mount Baker Theater, Bellingham WAMagnolia St

Views of the Whatcom Museum of History and Art

121 Prospect St, Bellingham, WA 98225

The Whatcom Museum was originally built in 1892 as the city hall for the former town of New Whatcom, before it was joined with surrounding towns to form Bellingham.

Whatcom museum, Bellingham WAJune 26, 2015
Whatcom museum, Bellingham WAJune 29, 2015
Whatcom museum, Bellingham WAJune 30, 2015

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